By car

Alta Badia is easy to reach by car

Thanks to its proximity to major transport routes Alta Badia is easy to reach by car. If you come from the north, you can cross the Brenner-pass on its motorway. Remember, though, that the highways are toll roads in Italy.

Come arrivare in Alta Badia

If you want to experience the approach with the fascinating mountain scenery of the Alps, you can choose to drive on one of the the attractive country roads of South Tyrol and Alta Badia.

From the Brenner motorway you have arrive to the exit at the toll of "Bressanone-Val Pusteria" located in Varna (BZ) (50 km from the arrival). Take the State Road of val Pusteria SS49 to San Lorenzo di Sebato (BZ). 100 m after the exit of the San Lorenzo tunnel turn right (25 km on arrival) and follow along the State Road of Val Badia SS244 to Badia (BZ). Once in the center of the village where the town hall of Badia is located on the right and on the left the company of Stay of Badia, continue along the highway and follow the yellow roue, after 2 turns one left and one to the right follow another 100 m and you will find on the right a climb that you will have to walk for 30 m. After that, on the left you will find a flat road that following it will take you directly to the upper parking lot of the "Chalet alla Cascata".

From the A27 motorway (Veneto) to Alta Badia:
Exit of Belluno, State Road SS 51 for Cortina d'Ampezzo (BL) - Passo Falzarego (BL) - Passo Valparola (BL) - San Cassiano di Badia (BZ) - La Villa di Badia (BZ) - Badia (BZ) - Chalet alla Cascata.
Exit of Belluno, State Road SS203 dell'Agordino   - Caprile (BL) - Arabba (BZ) - Passo Campolongo (BL) - Corvara in Badia (BZ)- La Villa di Badia (BZ) - Badia (BZ) - Chalet alla Cascata.

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Alta Badia Südtirol

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